Ear Training Crash Workshop

You must also be able to speak and understand music language. It’s not just about reading and writing. This intensive course is intended for students from schools and universities throughout the State of Yucatan


The Importance of the Role of Parents

  • Making sure they know when their music lessons are, and reminding them to attend.
  • Giving them somewhere at home to practise, without distractions such as toys, games, TV, smartphones and tablets
  • You must supporting feedback from their music educator
  • Asking them how it’s going – nothing beats taking an active interest in their playing
  • As their parent, you will recognise if they aren’t enjoying it. It’s best to be honest; they might start one musical instrument and then take an interest in another. So, there is no point forcing them to learn if they lose interest or want to make a switch – that’s natural
  • If your University or School is interested, please contact us to make an appointment
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