We constantly strive to make your education as affordable as possible.

As of 2017, we have considered the possibility of scholarships for the entry of new students into our Orchestral Percussion and Drums Programs. With this new plan of Merit Scholarships for Attitude and Talent, Percussion Coach Institute recognizes the work of most outstanding students, who may request any of the scholarship options available.

  • Non-Resident Scholarship : Those interested who come from a city outside of Merida (with distance from 30 Km) and students not residing in Mexico, may request a support (percentage of discount) that will help them relieve your monthly personal housing and relocation expenses.
  • Education Savings Grant: Those interested can pay for their studies through our Educational Savings Plan, which will allow them to settle an amount less than the monthly fee of the chosen Study Program, making fixed and interest-free payments during their student stage and that they will be able to continue solving in the future
  • Merit Scholarship: Those interested can coordinate a date and time with our Teaching Panel to make a Admission Test of Instrument and Musical Theory.

Why take a Percussion Coach Institute Admission Exam?

As we recognize that there is no single approach to music evaluation, our exams are guided by a central philosophy of flexibility, placing the individual needs of candidates at the center of the exam.
The participants who pass our exam will benefit from a 50% discount in all of our Study Programs.

We take advantage of our professional experience to evaluate a repertoire inspired by a range of different musical genres.
In addition to incorporating innovative features, our music exams are conducted by a Panel of Examiners that are rigorously trained and standardized. This aims to create a positive personalized experience for all candidates.

We offer freedom of choice within the exam to allow candidates to expose their strengths.
We examine the real musical skills that are specific to each instrument.
We allow candidates to express their own musical identities through options to improvise and present original compositions.
We use a diagnostic branding scheme, offering accurate and specific feedback information for continuous learning.
We link closely with other musical scores to provide flexible progression routes.

Our musical scores offer flexible progression routes from beginners to advanced levels in a range of musical genres. All of our exams are designed to help candidates develop as musicians according to their individual needs as apprentices. Admissions exams assess a wide range of musical skills, including performance skills. Candidates can take any combination of exams and do not need to pass any particular level to proceed to a higher level. Each level presents an equivalent degree Theory of Music, which supports the candidates in the development of Understanding the Technical Language of Music. Prerequisites are required to enter exams at any level.

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