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The Drumset Applied to Argentine Tango

Between the period 1880-1950, the tango was identified as “citizen music”. For several decades, the tango established itself as Argentine popular music, pushing aside folklore, which remained isolated in the local areas of each region. In Argentina, the Tango is the main genre of national popular music.

The Tango is a musical genre and dance, characteristic of the Río de la Plata region and its area of ​​influence, but mainly of the city of Buenos Aires.
The Tango has generated multiple formations with different instruments, the most prominent being the piano, the violin, the bandoneon, the double bass and the guitar. In the beginning, tango groups were trios made up of violin-guitar-flute, violin-guitar-piano or the latter combination with bandoneon. The solo character was held by the piano, guitar and bandoneon, while the flute and violin needed to be assembled in order to be suitable for tango. Little has been written about the use of percussion and drums in Tango and its evolution. This master class will address the interpretation of the drums from Traditional Tango to Modern interpretation, also called Tango Fusion,  Argentine Fusion Music or Argentine Contemporary Music

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