Weekly Lessons & Didactic Concerts in Schools & Universities of the States of Yucatan, Campeche & Quintana Roo

Our Music Education

We can provide excellent and reliable tutors for weekly tuition on a wide range of musical instruments and disciplines.

In our tuition, general musicianship and aural training – understanding how to work with keys, chord symbols, common musical structures and devices, timing, rhythmic frameworks and grooves – is very important, so that students can confidently play along with a song or with other musicians. Students will learn genre-specific techniques and conventions and then go on to start playing & writing music from a solid musical foundation.
We usually offer group tuition where possible. If you have existing tutors, we can add to and complement your current provision. We are happy to discuss these topics in more detail of your school has interested

We recommends group instrumental lessons wherever possible as it encourages teamwork, develops the ability to play in front of others, and provides opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and feedback. Group lessons also help to encourage regular practice because students do not want to fall behind. The lessons are much more lively than individual sessions, and it is much more affordable and therefore encourages wider participation

Grade Exams

Students of your school or university can take music Graded examinations. We are experienced with the syllabus requirements of all the major examination boards. Percussion Coach Institute is a Trinity exam centre, and we run three exam sittings per year. Many of our students take Classical Music, and Rock & Pop Grades and we have an excellent pass rate


We would love to make music learning a master-piece of your school. Many studies have shown that students who receive music lessons
promote camaraderie, discipline, build confidence and earn better grades

Lessons & Administration

We usually provide 36 weeks’ tuition in a school year, and would ideally need a minimum of 2 hours’ work per tutor. We invoice the students for each half term in advance. All the paperwork, billing and timetabling will be carried out by us.

We only need parents’ contact details to get started.  The admin team are all working musicians and music graduates. Based in our office, they are available 6 days a week to assist you and answer any queries in person, by phone or email

The Importance of the Role of Parents

Making sure they know when their music lessons are, and reminding them to attend.
Giving them somewhere at home to practise, without distractions such as toys, games, TV, smartphones and tablets
You must supporting feedback from their music educator
Asking them how it’s going – nothing beats taking an active interest in their playing
As their parent, you will recognise if they aren’t enjoying it. It’s best to be honest; they might start one musical instrument and then take an interest in another. So, there is no point forcing them to learn if they lose interest or want to make a switch – that’s natural
If your University or School is interested, please speak with us to make an appointment

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